Breakfast is served daily from 7:45 – 10:45 AM

  • Bagels

    B-Egg-El Sandwich / $6

    House-smoked ham, white cheddar, scrambled egg on a house bagel

    S.S. Umami Bagel / $5.5

    Kimcheese, smoked salmon, pickled beets, fresh dill, fresh scallion

    Goldi Lox / $5.5

    Scallion cream cheese, house-cured lox, capers, pickled red onion

    Caprese Bagel / $5.5

    Pesto cream cheese, marinated tomato, balsamic reduction, fresh mozzarella

    Italian Bagel / $5.5

    Chow chow cream cheese, peperoni, red peppers, jalapeño, basil

    Plain Bagel & Side of Cream Cheese / $3.5

  • Breakfast at the Deli

    Breakfast Bruchetta / $9

    Buttermilk French toast, cherry wood-smoked bacon, pecans, onion jam, scrambled egg

    Hot Mess / $8

    Deli taters and meat, scrambled egg, cheddar cheese

    Brunch Wrap Supreme / $6

    Cherry wood bacon, deli taters, scrambled eggs, onion jam, cheddar, tortilla

    Acai Bowl / $6

    Acai yogurt, fresh berries, honey, granola

    Lincoln Parker / $7

    Two eggs, two bacon, bagel w/ cream cheese